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My little stall at the Canningvale markets took a couple of weeks to settle into a groove, but I have been happily exhausted by the end of the day for the last few weeks.  I was having a great day and meeting loads of lovely people last Sunday when towards the end of the day I reached into my green bag under one of the tables to get my money belt…. which was not around my waist like it should have been…. so I could get a customer some change.  I know you can tell what’s coming next… The money belt was gone with all of my takings for the day and my float.

I was incredibly upset once I had searched everywhere twice and realised that it really had gone, but all the guys in the stalls around me rekindled my faith in humanity with their kindness as they all helped me to pack up for the day.  it was an expensive lesson to learn, but believe me, I’ve learnt it and it won’t happen again!

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